Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Halloween Ever (Thing 2)

We read The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson. It's about Halloween. There is this family, the Herdman family, that messes up Halloween. One time they pasted a boy under some wallpaper. They do lots of other mean things, too. The mayor decided that Halloween was canceled because he wanted to stop them from ruining another Halloween.

For our activity we are going trick-or-treating.

I would rate this book . I liked this book because it's funny. You should read this book.

The Best Halloween Ever (Thing 1)

We read The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson.

Every Halloween, the six Herdman kids steal candy from the other kids in the neighborhood, ruin people's costumes, and do many more things to cause mayhem. This year, the mayor decides he's going to stop this. So he decides he is going to cancel Halloween. All the other kids are relieved that the Herdmans won't be able to terrorize everyone, but they're still upset. This means that they can't go trick-or-treating. But then, the mayor decides that they will still have Halloween . . . at the elementary school, supervised by parents and teachers. Still no candy, but it's better than no Halloween, right? Can the Herdmans turn into what looks like the worst Halloween ever to the best Halloween ever?

The activity we're going to do is pretty obvious . . . trick-or-treating! :D

I would give this book . I liked everything about this book except for one thing. There were a lot of characters, so it was hard to keep people straight. Otherwise, it was a great book! :D