Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonder (Thing 2)

We read Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

We've been reading this on our road trip and on normal days. Now I want to share ten things that I like about this book.

1. It made me laugh.
2. It made me cry.
3. It has good characters.
4. It is a unique book.
5. It says A LOT about things I enjoy (Star Wars, video games, etc.)
6. I like how it has different characters' perspectives.
7. I like the main character, August.
8. I like how August's family is nice to him.
9. I like the book cover.
10. I like their dog.

In the book, one of his teachers teaches them about precepts and has the students make their own. I am going to make my own too.

"Live life the way you expect it to be, don't let anyone stop you from reaching the sky, and the sky is the limit."

I think that everyone at some point in his or her life should read this book.

I would give this book

because it is funny, sad, sweet and has A LOT of good characters.

Wonder (Thing 1)

Our family read Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Instead of a "normal" book review, we're going to write our ten favorite things about the book.

1. The sweet, funny, wonderful (and not so wonderful) characters.
2. The fact that the story is told from so many different perspectives.
3. The emotional parts that brought tears to our eyes (happy and sad ones).
4. The wise messages that could make the world a better place if we all listened to them.
5. The way you can get wrapped up in the story so easily.
6. The laugh-out-loud funny parts.
7. The simplicity of the book.
8. The never-ending surprises.
9. The end.
10. The way the author helped to teach me to never judge a book by its cover or a boy by his face. You might miss out on your only chance to meet a wonder.

I would give this book

for all of the reasons above and so much more. I can't compare this book to any other. It's one of a kind.

There was a teacher in the book that came up with a monthly precept. He asked the kids in the book to come up with their own precept, so I decided to come up with my own.

"Don't waste time, because there's no time to waste in the first place."