Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rebecca (Thing 1)

We read Rebecca by Daphne du Marier. It's a gothic novel about a woman who marries a rich man named Maxim de Winter, who recently lost his wife Rebbeca to a boating accident. The protagonist feels as if she can never live up to Rebecca as a wife or a woman in high society.

A friend of mine called this "a ghost story without an actual ghost," which is the perfect way to describe it. I loved the fact that the narrator of the book is never given a name. It's done well so it isn't confusing, but leaves you wanting to know. The beginning of the book is really slow, but the payoff is worth it. I haven't read many gothic novels, but I enjoyed this one. I had lots of theories going into it that I was very surprised about.

I would give this book

(actual rating: 3.5).

It has great writing, a simple story with a subtle mystery, and is perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Rebecca (Thing 2)

We read Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier. It is a Gothic novel that starts in Monaco, where the unnamed main character of the book meets a man named Maxim de Winter. They get married only days after they meet. Maxim de Winter lives in a giant, beautiful house called Manderlay. Maxim de Winter's old wife, Rebecca, died, and the new Mrs. de Winter thinks that she is never going to be as good as her.

I would give this book 

I liked the ambiguity of the whole thing, wondering how Rebecca really died, and the darkness. But the beginning was really slow, so I decided to remove two stars.