Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Evita" (Thing 2)

We watched "Evita." It is a musical about Eva PerĂ³n. She goes to Buenos Aires and goes through jobs to get to the top. In the end, she became the first lady. She helped the poor and didn't like the rich. At the end of the movie you don't know if she is good or bad. I think she was doing it for herself to get revenge on the rich for when she was a kid going to her father's funeral.

I would give this movie

 because it was exciting and had good music.

Evita (Thing 1)

We watched "Evita" as a family. It is a musical made in 1996 about Eva Peron. Eva Peron was married to Juan Peron who was the leader of Argentina. Eva was often called Evita and was a very good speaker. She supported the lower class and most everyone in Argentina loved her. Almost the entire movie is music telling the story of Evita. It shows her good side and her bad side, which leaves you to decide for yourself whether or not Evita was a good or bad person. My favorite character in the movie was the devil's advocate played by Antonio Banderas.

I would give this movie
It had awesome music and told a very good story. There could have been some more dialogue, in my opinion, but overall it was a good movie. By the end of the movie I thought that Evita was a good person that made some mistakes.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bridge To Terabithia (Thing 2)

We read Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. It is about a boy named Jess who wants to be the fastest runner in fifth grade. He gets all ready to be the best, but when he raced he was beaten by a girl named Leslie Burke. He makes friends with her and they invent a world called Terabithia. The only way to get there is to swing on a rope to the other side of the creek. Terabithia is a world where they pretend to be the king and queen. The world has villagers and giants.

I would give this book

because it was funny and simple.

Bridge to Terabithia (Thing 1)

We read Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. It is about a boy named Jess who wants to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade. Then a girl named Leslie moves into his town and beats him in a race. They become good friends after that and Leslie introduces Jess to a magical, imaginary land called Terabithia. Jess and Leslie are the king and queen of Terabithia and go on adventures to protect their kingdom. Together they become good friends through Terabithia.

I would give this book

. It was sweet, funny, and very sad. It had great characters and I loved all of the imagination in the story.