Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Fourteenth Goldfish (Thing 2)

We read The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm. It's about a girl named Ellie who brings home a goldfish for a school assignment about the life cycle. All of the other kids' goldfish die, but Ellie's doesn't. After this, her mom brings home a strange boy who acts like Ellie's grandfather. It is her grandfather . . . Only in a 13-year old's body.

I would give this book
because I really enjoyed all of the characters and it was funny.

Here are 14 things I collected from the book.

  1. Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine.
  2. J. Robert Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb.
  3. You should always believe in the possible.
  4. Jellyfish should be left alone in the ocean.
  5. Hiroshima might drop a bomb on us!
  6. Marie Curie discovered radiation.
  7. Marie Curie later died of radiation poisoning.
  8. Isaac Newton played a BIG part in discovering gravity.
  9. The life cycle is natural and shouldn't be altered.
  10. Galileo played a HUGE part in astronomy.
  11. Goldfish make bad pets.
  12. J. Robert Oppenheimer said "The world may never be the same again" after inventing the atomic bomb.
  13. Scientists like pizza.
  14. The ear piercing place at malls are NOT good business opportunities.

The Fourteenth Goldfish (Thing 1)

We read The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm. It's a middle-grade book about a girl named Ellie who loves science. One day, her mom comes home with a thirteen-year-old boy. But it's not just any old boy. This is her Grandpa Melvin. And it looks like he's discovered the secret to eternal youth.

14 things I learned from The Fourteenth Goldfish:

1. The idea of immortality is a whole lot better than the reality.
2. Change isn't always bad.
3. Science and art are equally important.
4. You can't judge a book by its cover.
5. You have to live life to its fullest. You only get one shot at it.
6. It's good to believe in the possible.
7. If you let fear hold you back, you'll always be stuck.
8. Sometimes kids are more capable than grownups.
9. Sometimes grownups are more capable than kids.
10. Curiosity is the key to discovery.
11. Not all failures are dead-ends.
12. Cooking is a little bit like science.
13. Every top-secret mission needs a ridiculous name like the "Burrito Project."
14. A happy ending is just the beginning.

I would rate this book
It's a super cute, quick read for the whole family. It's guaranteed to keep your interest the whole way through.