Friday, February 26, 2016

"Hercules," "Tarzan," and "The Lion King" (Thing 2)

We watched 3 Disney musicals: "The Lion King," "Hercules," and "Tarzan." Personally, I don't think "Tarzan" is really a musical, but the music is really good.

"The Lion King" kind of reminds me of Hamlet; the uncle kills his brother, who is the king, and steals the throne. The son runs away and all of the other lions think he is dead. He meets two friends, Timon and Pumbaa. And together they go about life.

"Hercules" is about Zeus' son. Hades wants to steal the throne. The three Fates tell Hades that as long as Hercules lives, Hades cannot steal the throne. So he has his henchmen kill Hercules. They fail and instead just turn him human. He then has to live on earth, not knowing that he was once a god.

"Tarzan" is about a boy who lost his parents to a tiger, and has to live in the jungle. He is being raised by a bunch of gorillas. He soon meets humans like himself. They are trying to find gorillas for research. Tarzan can only speak monkey, and can't communicate with the newcomers.

I would give "The Lion King"
because the music was good, it was funny, and most of the characters were likable. I would have given it 5 stars, but I only do that with movies that are really good.

I would give "Hercules"
because the characters were good and it was funny. I didn't give it any more stars, because I didn't really like the music.

I would give "Tarzan"
because it was funny, the music was  REALLY good, and I enjoyed the interactions between Tarzan and the other humans.


Dr. Mark said...

Nice take on all three movies. I love when you find the parallels in Shakespeare--that's awesome. You didn't like the music in Hercules? I kind of like the Motown/Gospel style muses, but everyone does have their own tastes. As long as you remember to "Go the Distance" you should be fine.

Boquinha said...

Love this review!! So well thought out and organized! I totally agree with you about which ones are musicals and which ones aren't. You're right. Like you, I love the music from Tarzan, though. I really like the parallels you've drawn between TLK and "Hamlet." I like your summaries and your reviews. This was a really fun review to read - thank you! A great take on 3 very good Disney movies!