Thursday, February 11, 2016

"The Music Man" (Thing 1)

We watched "The Music Man." It's about a con man named Harold Hill who pretends to be a band leader in order to cheat a small Iowa town out of their money. What he doesn't realize is that a woman named Marian could make it hard to leave.

This movie was full of life and lightheartedness. The scenes always had bright colors and music you could dance to, and a very simple plot. All of that I liked. It was one of the cornier musicals I'd seen, though a few parts did make me giggle. But the main characters just did not strike me as a good fit for each other. They had absolutely no chemistry.

All in all, I'd give this

 . It's a fun movie for the family, but be warned, the songs will stay stuck in your head for a long time!


Boquinha said...

Nice intro. I can totally see you writing what goes on the jacket covers for books or reviewing books/movies (you know, while you're writing your own novels)! Like with Max's review, I like hearing what you like and don't like. 76 Trombones led the big parade! . . . YOU'RE WELCOME.

Dr. Mark said...

Ah, chemistry is secondary to all the great music and performances! I like your honesty and willingness to try new things. Isn't there some song about trouble and pool and a capital T or something?