Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Newsies" (Thing 2)

We watched "Newsies" for school today. It is a musical about a group of kids called the newsies that go around and deliver the news to everyone. They have to go to a newsstand bright and early to buy newspapers to sell. All is going well, until the owner of the paper raises the price of the newspapers. The newsies then have to figure out what to do. After a good while, they decide to go on strike. But what dangers will come?

I would give this movie
because it was funny, had good music, and had good characters. I didn't really have a favorite character; I liked them all.


Dr. Mark said...

Good review. I like how you set me up for the story, but only hinted at problems ahead. Nice. Glad you enjoyed it.

Boquinha said...

I agree with Daddy. I like that, too. Thanks for this review. Such a different kind of musical than, say, Hamilton! :P I'm glad I could watch a bunch of it with you and Kate.